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Meet elro!

​elro is uniquely designed to take care of you at home. It prompts you to check health vitals regularly, seamlessly connect with a doctor and deliver prescribed medicines to your home. elro will engage with you continuously, play your favorite videos, play cognitive games, helps connect with your friends and family, reminds about taking your pills on time and make you happy each day. 

​"My life has never been this easy before, I keep recommending my friends to buy one"


"​I found my lost friend through this device. It takes care of me very well. Thank you Elro"


"​This Device changed my life and how much I value my time with device is immeasurable"


powerful AI tools will allow Elderly people to live in a safer healthier, more engaging environments and have an active quality life.


Uniquely elro provides a range of personalized experiences such as video conferencing with family or a doctor at will, handle social and emotional needs by providing entertainment through games, helping remind them of events and appointments, and providing social engagement.


Beyond the reassuring and comforting presence that it offers throughout the day, it continuously keeps an eye on the elderly presence in the house and alerts the family members, and dials 108 emergency services as needed. It additionally keeps track of one’s prescriptions and helps them order with one touch.

You have a unique opportunity to 

join elro "Insider program"

and drive the innovation journey.

elro for Caregivers

Are you feeling helpless and want to improve the quality of life for your parents? 

Do you want to know what is happening in their day-to-day life and want to do something to improve their quality of life? 

elro is the right product to empower your parents.


Given the large number of elderly people who either feel depressed, lack of autonomy, lack of self-respect, and feel left out in the society as family members cannot spend the quality time with them, our elro product has all the right features to make you feel secure, feel part of the society again and more importantly able to make decisions on your own. Specially to care for somebody with dementia, the need for elro is very critical. At the end of the day, elro's vision is to bring back happiness to one's life and lead a quality life.


elro supports local languages

Regular Doctor checkups

Video Consultation

Digital Stethoscope

Inspection Camera for ENT

Electronic Health Records

Medicine & Activity Reminders

Dynamic reminders with prescribed timing and compliance

Order Medicines & Lab Tests

Get your medicines delivered at your doorstep. Get your lab tests done at home


IOT enabled fall detection & notify caretaker and dial an ambulance in case of emergencies

Physical Exercise

​Training videos, Virtual Group yoga  sessions, Personalized physiotherapy sessions ,Reminders & Targets

Diet Plan & Health Tips​

Get personalized diet plan and health tips from medical professionals. Get access to interesting recipes to try at home

Smart Engagement

Personalized activity plan by medical professionals

Cognitive Games

Engagement sessions moderated by medically trained professionals

News & Entertainment

elro supports local languages

Keep your loved ones posted

Let your loved ones know about your wellbeing


Connect with people having similar interests

​Participate in Social Activities

engagement sessions moderated by medically trained professionals

Interactive Assessment

Comprehensive Bio-psycho-socio assessment using clinically approved scales vetted by psychiatrists

Health Vitals

Touch based Blood Pressure


Heart Rate

Blood Glucose Monitor

elro features

News and Updates

Hyderabad Firm Develops Companion Robots For Senior Citizens: Sakshi News

Achala IT Solutions, a Hyderabad-based company, has developed the notion of 'companion robots' for older persons, which will converse with them and send information to carers in the event of an emergency.

Hyderabad-based firm develops companion robots to keep elderly engaged: Telangana Today

City-based Achala IT Solutions has come up with a concept to provide the senior citizens with ‘companion robots’ that will engage them in conversation, keep them active and will also relay information to caregivers in times of emergencies.

Awarded as Innovators #AI Game Changers 2021 by NASSCOM

Congratulations on the recognition of Challengers, Special Mentions and Innovators in the #AIGamechangers Awards program for 2021. These use-cases were recognized for their motivational AI stories.

Selected for first cohort of Telangana AI mission revv-up accelerator #T-AIM

The cohort of 42 startups represents 11 sectors and 10 Indian states.

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