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How healthcare technology plays a critical role in transforming elderly care in India

The healthcare sector represents a huge opportunity to leverage technology to improve critical processes that today pose a big challenge in the delivery of quality healthcare to ageing people.

Technology has played a big role in allowing these senior citizens to not simply fulfil their daily needs but also stay connected with their loved ones and the community at large.

From telemedicine and elderly care to dealing with depression, assistive technology devices for the elderly can improve the quality of healthcare of senior citizens in India. As these boomers age, they want to do so actively, gracefully and independently. Technology is being viewed as the big disruptor that will allow them to achieve those goals.

“ELRO working on some interesting ways technology is being used to help elderly people as they age.”

Health and safety remain key concerns for the seniors and their families, especially when the children are not living in the same city or other countries.

We are trying to help older adults avoid loneliness and social isolation, a common problem among the ageing that can contribute to poor health. ELRO, a companion robot, has all the right features to make the elderly feel secure, feel part of society again and more importantly able to make decisions on their own.

The proactive cognitive artificial intelligence engines initiate conversations with seniors to stay in touch with

family or loved ones, engage in healthy behaviours — including notifications to take medication and stay connected with the outside world. Our vision is to enable elders lead a quality life.

Elro will be available shortly. It will have tools for assessing blood pressure, blood glucose, heart rate, SPO2, and temperature and oxygen saturation levels in the elderly. Its 10-inch screen will be useful for video consultations with a doctor and have recommended medications delivered to their homes regularly and also play films, cognitive games, connect with loved ones through video calling feature. It has allowed grandparents to virtually-bless their grandchildren on special occasions and allowed families to celebrate festivals together and simple cooking demos to keep the seniors in the community engaged and entertained within their homes themselves on the same screen.

Elro cutting edge health technology allows seniors and their children to receive real-time updates on their vital health parameters, arrange for emergency services, ensure routine check-ups and initiate regular check-in calls to monitor daily medicine and overall wellness within the comfort of their own homes.

If you’re interested in leveraging Elro for your elderly parents, get in touch with our team today.

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